Get Involved

Got a skill? We have a job just for you! Volunteers are knee deep in helping to make our Mud Run a success and each year we depend on bucket loads of volunteers to assist with everything from trail blazin’ to hot dog holding! So whether you or your organization is looking for service hours, you want to keep busy while your kids running our trails, or you just like good ole’ community involvement, our race needs you! And for your few hours of dedication to our cause, we won’t let you go away hungry. Plus there is that cool volunteer shirt you will have for keeps!

So what are you waiting for? Our race can’t run itself!

Contact Sandie to volunteer at (814) 724-7510 ext. 313 or via email


Obstacle Volunteer

All obstacles will be covered by at least one, but no more than two, volunteers who will be responsible for ensuring each runner completes the obstacle. If a runner cannot complete the obstacle after 3 attempts, you will allow them to continue on the course.

Each set of two volunteers at an obstacle will have the use of a walkie-talkie to communicate, if necessary, with first aid or other members of the volunteer team.

If any runner requires a need for medical attention, please use your walkie-talkie and help will be dispatched to your location immediately.

If a runner requires medical attention and you have your cell phone with you, please call or text us and help will be dispatched immediately to your location.

As each wave of runners come through your obstacle, please ensure that everything is stable and nothing has come loose or undone that would make it unsafe for the others coming through. (i.e., hay bales shifting, etc.) If you feel your obstacle has become unsafe, use your walkie-talkie to immediately report the problem.

Food Service Volunteer

Responsibilities include:

Cooking hot dogs and readying them for consumption following the race.

Serving coffee, soft drinks and water.

Keeping the food area clean and free of clutter.

Making sure the condiment area is replenished and clean.

Parking Volunteer

At least two volunteers will work at the Elk’s Club parking lot side showing people where they are to park. All volunteers will make sure everyone gets safely across the street to the Bethesda campus.

At least two volunteers will work at the Bethesda entrance directing people to the area near the gazebo to the tent marked REGISTRATION, where they can check in and pick up their racing packet for the race.

Any runners with questions when they arrive, should be directed to the INFORMATION tent to the left as you enter Bethesda. Someone will be there to assist.

Clean Up Volunteer

As many volunteers as possible will be needed to tear down tents, remove signs, and clean up any debris left on the grounds following the race. If you are available, we would love to have your help putting the campus back in shape!

Finish Line Volunteer

Stand at finish line, hand medal to each finisher – CONGRATS!!