Tips for the Mud Run


Hi Mudders!!

If you got muddy with us last year, I know you had a blast.  This year we have made improvements we think you will like. Listed below in the GENERAL TIPS, you may recognize some headings that are pretty much the same as last year, but we have made a few improvements — things like quicker process at REGISTRATION, being able to check a bag at GEAR CHECK, or being able to change out of your clothes at the CHANGING STATION without standing in an open gym.

With a little preparation, a mud run can be a whole lot of fun! And heck, if you forget something, don’t worry about it. Happy mudding!



Factor in the extra time to get changed and lock up your valuables in your car; you’ll be happy you did. Bethesda will not be held liable if your items are lost or stolen.

DON’T RUSH. Yes, it is a race, but you don’t want to be burnt out and have to crawl through 50 feet of mud.

WANT TO TAKE PICTURES? We will be taking pictures and will be posting all pictures taken during the mud run on our website at

As with all races, hydrate and fuel properly. Because the atmosphere for this race is more fun than competition, you might be tempted to skip your normal pre-race routine of hydrating and eating. Don’t! You’ll be working hard and will need the energy.


Wear tight-fitting clothing. Mud is heavy. Heavy pants mean that seeing a whole lot of boy bum crack at the exit of the mud pit. The less you wear the less mud to cake onto. Of course, if you have that perfect tutu or costume you absolutely HAVE to wear – go ahead – it WILL get messy!

If you wear contacts, go blind for the day or rock old pair of glasses – which may give a cool new look to your costume, if you’re wearing one. This is most important if there is any chance you will get submerged in any kind of dirty water. Getting bits of grit behind your contacts, and having hands too dirty to do anything about will make the rest of the run pretty awful.

If you wear any rings, and they slip off even semi-easily, do not wear them on the run. Can you imagine losing your wedding ring in a 10′ x 20′ mud pit?   Yeah. Plus, if you have a fancy pants ring, it can be annoying to clean off later. Better safe than sorry.  Simple is best, leave the bling at home.

Think swimwear. Even though it will probably be cold on race day – and that was the rule of the day last year, if you aren’t comfortable wearing swimwear, at least make it your bottom layer. Swimsuits dry faster and can work as an under layer that you don’t need to change.

Bring gloves. There were quite a few rope obstacles in our course where you might wish you would have had gloves! After pulling up your own body weight on a rope a few times, or climbing on the hay bales, your hands start to get seriously chapped.

Bring a second set of clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty. You won’t ever be clean until you get home and take a shower (even after you rinse off) but putting on some cleaner clothes will at least make it to where you aren’t miserable. Bring a pair of old shorts and a ratty t-shirt to throw on after you’ve chucked your race clothes.  You’ll be more comfortable around the bonfire, eating and listening to the music.


Don’t expect to keep your shoes in shape.  If you don’t wear the shoe from last year’s mud run, bring or wear your grubbiest, oldest tennis shoes.  If you don’t, most running shoes can be thrown in the washing machine (but probably not the dryer), so don’t worry about it too much – you can always wear them again at our next Mud Run!! No cleats please!

Tie your shoes tightly. For running, it is generally good to keep your shoes tied loosely because your feet swell. Not this time. If you do that, you’ll lose your shoes. Some people will duct tape the top of their shoes to their ankles, but found that tying them very tightly (as in, they almost hurt) was enough to keep them on nice and snug.

Bring flip-flops or other easy-to-clean sandals in your gear check bag. One of the first things you’ll want to do after the finish is toss your shoes and socks, and you definitely don’t want to walk around barefoot. Your sandals will get muddy probably, but at least your feet will be covered.

 Other Stuff to Bring

First aid kit. While you probably won’t sprain your ankle, you probably will get a few small cuts and scrapes on the obstacles. A small first aid kit with wipes and Band-Aids will do wonders to make you more comfortable. You can always go to the FIRST AID tent for any medical need.

Plastic grocery bags or trash bags. If you want to take your clothes home and try to wash them, you can tie them up in plastic bags and put them in your gear check bag without getting everything else muddy.

Dark (preferably brown) towel. Along with West Mead No. 2 VFD who will be available again to rinse you off, we plan to have a place to rinse off after the fun, but you won’t get “clean”. Bring the towel to help wipe off/dry off after your rinse down – try to avoid bringing your really nice guest towels.

A wet washcloth in a zip-top bag. Again, you probably won’t get to rinse off very long. So a wet washcloth will at least let you get your face and hands clean.

Sheets and/or towels. Leave these in the car to sit on for your drive home.  (or even one of those over sized leaf plastic bags to cover your car seat)

A good attitude. There should be a very few serious competitors and most people will be out here just to have fun!  Join in.  Giggle when you slip and fall in the mud (you will) and give someone a hand if they need help over an obstacle (they will). You’re all trying to get through this together!